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A Multivitamin Is a Preparation Intended to Be a Dietary Supplement with Vitamins, Dietary Minerals, and Other Nutritional Elements in the Form of Tablets More...


Probiotics Are Live Bacteria and Yeasts That Are Good for Your Health, Especially Your Digestive System. Probiotics Are Often Called "good" or "helpful" Bacteria More...


Prebiotics Are Substances That Induce the Growth or Activity of Microorganisms. Prebiotics Can Alter the Composition of Organisms in the Gut Microbiome More...


A Provitamin Is A Substance That May Be Converted Within The Body To A Vitamin It Is Desirable To Label A Substance With Little Or No Vitamin activity More...

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Understanding joint pains and ways to prevent them

Everyone experiences one form of pain or another depending on the exact cause of the pain. Our body is...
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What causes prostate gland enlargement?

What are the causes of prostate gland enlargement? The prostate which is part of the male reproductive system, is...
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